Here’s what some members say…

Alastair Gibbs of TPG DisableAids Ltd says:

I am often asked ‘Why become a member of the BHTA?’ and very often this is followed by all sorts of reasons why the enquirer would not want to be a member.

These reasons range from the cost to compliance and from value to exposure to interference. In truth the reasons are often a product of misconception or reluctance to accept that there ultimately has to be a measure of compliance or structure to any business that wants to serve its customers at a level that is beyond expectations and to project healthy growth into the future.

I look at the wider picture and ask myself ‘What can I get out of being associated with it?’ Can I expect to gain knowledge, credibility and information that I can not get anywhere else? The answer is simply, YES.

I then ask, ‘Is this knowledge worth the subscription?’ The answer in my case is again, yes.

I am a firm believer in the old saying ‘The more you put in, the more you will get out’. So I feel that the opportunities to network with like minded, entrepreneurial and forward thinking individuals is in itself a resource that is simply not available anywhere else. If you then add the fact that there is opportunity to mould and influence the future of our industry by seeing in advance what standards and legislation may be coming along and being able to prepare our business processes or procedures in a timescale that allows due consideration to all the pro’s and con’s. These all become quite compelling reasons to belong.

I would encourage any company who is serious about ‘Doing the right thing’ to at least come to a few relevant section meetings and look at what is on offer.

At the end of the day, you pay your money and you make your choice. But remember, our customers also have a choice. Do they choose to buy from a company working to a TSI approved code of practice and a strong trade association behind them or do they choose to buy from a company that does not?

Angus Long, Director of Embryonyx Ltd says:

Although the UK healthcare market is both vibrant and rewarding, it can also be bureaucratic, highly competitive and at times very political. Consumers too, are increasingly seeking out what additional benefits a supplier can offer.

Whether it be networking opportunities, political insight, commercial concessions or the TSI approved code of practice, I believe more than any other trade association, the BHTA can help businesses, large or small, to improve and prosper within the healthcare industry.

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