TGA to focus on wheelchair user and carer ergonomics at OT Show

TGA will be showcasing why its award-winning wheelchairs, powerpacks, powerchairs and mobility scooters deliver enhanced postural support and moving and handling advantages at The OT Show. (Stand E34, 21-22 November, NEC).

For over 30 years, TGA has been a respected provider of specialist mobility equipment and works closely with Occupational Therapists to ensure positive client outcomes. Through its thorough and structured assessment-led process, appropriate product provision is assured so that client independence, comfort and support is maximised. On stand E34, senior Product Specialists will be demonstrating a selection of products from the proven TGA range including Strongback wheelchairs, powerpacks, WHILL Model C powerchair and Zest Plus mobility scooter. These products are considerately designed to provide better ergonomics for both users and carers so that freedom and access outdoors is more positive.

Attendant controlled and self-propel Strongback wheelchairs are Swiss-designed and incorporate a contoured backrest for effective lumbar support. These sculpted designs mould around the natural curvature of the spine so that better postural positioning can be achieved with reduced slumping or slouching. The lightweight and foldable Strongbacks provide greater postural support and a healthier seated position for many wheelchair users without the need for complex adjustments. Each model is compatible with a TGA wheelchair Powerpack.

The four TGA Powerpacks on display at the NEC provide powered propulsion so pushing a wheelchair is strain-free. They consist of a motor, wheel(s), battery pack and handle grip controls that are operated by a carer. They facilitate a better experience outdoors for both wheelchair user and carer with greater accessibility, flexibility and range. Each Powerpack is compatible with most wheelchair designs, including specialist tilt-in-space models, through a vast range of fitting brackets. The Solo, Duo, HD and PLUS models provide a choice in terms of power and traction – all with utmost performance and reliability. The PLUS is a proven bariatric solution that propels occupants weighing up to 32 stone. TGA Powerpacks are renowned for fitting further under a wheelchair so unhindered walking is possible for the carer and the controls are simple and responsive. By fitting a Powerpack to an attendant controlled wheelchair, the risk of back and muscle injury is minimised especially when negotiating uneven surfaces, slopes and kerbs.

Alongside demonstrations of ergonomic TGA wheelchairs and Powerpacks, stand E34 will also showcase the pioneering new WHILL Model C powerchair. WHILL Model C represents a breakthrough in contemporary mobility product design and incorporates advanced technology and manoeuvrability. It can easily be dismantled into three constituent parts and has been specifically developed for users with less complex seating requirements – delivering independence at work or in the home. Its front Omni wheels offer consistent power and traction so urban and rural environments are equally accessible – without the need for traditional castors. This results in the smallest feasible turning circle. Remote control is possible via a smart phone via an Apple app so positioning of the powerchair is flexible before and after a side transfer. WHILL Model C is a lifestyle product that empowers users and promotes healthier mental and physical well-being.

Finally, for OTs seeking a scooter solution for clients, TGA will be demonstrating the Zest Plus. This mid-sized mobility scooter can be dismantled into five, easy-to-lift components for storage in a car boot. This minimises the risk of back injury for users or carers and strain-free assembly is enhanced by precise fitting parts and simple locking mechanisms. Rare in its class, the Zest Plus includes active suspension which provides added stability and support to users, particularly important to those with challenging musculoskeletal conditions.

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