Stiltz Homelifts to educate with enablement seminar at OTAC Midlands

At the forthcoming OTAC Midlands event, Stiltz will present an enhanced CPD-accredited seminar regarding independent mobility in the community through homelift ownership.

Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference (Midlands), Drayton Manor Hotel,
Drayton Manor Theme Park, Drayton Bassett, B78 3TW.

Date: 22nd January 2020
Time: 2:00–2:30pm
Location: Theatre 2, Drayton Manor Hotel, B78 3TW

Seminar Title: How a homelift can facilitate in-home enablement

Speaker: Gino Farruggio, Stiltz Homelifts

In this educational presentation for healthcare and housing professionals, Gino Farruggio will discuss how next generation domestic homelifts enable client independence and wellbeing. The assessment process will be examined from a clinical point of view alongside transfers and how specific wheelchairs facilitate greater manoeuvrability.

Evidence-based material will highlight the practical and emotional benefits of a homelift vs. stairlift with a particular focus on safety and confidence. Potential cost savings to the NHS, personal budgets and social services will also be outlined so that attendees can understand more fully how clients can enhance their own care. With an attractive homelift, upstairs access is future proofed without the need for complex building conversions – hence negating the need to relocate and simultaneously adding value. Customer stories will be evidenced to demonstrate how users with varying conditions make use of a homelift to transfer within the home.

Complementing the seminar, Stiltz trusted advisors will be available on stand 13 to discuss appropriate homelift provision and their client-centric services. Free educational and signposting information will be available including guidance on achieving successful DFG applications.