Karim Uddin

Karim joined the BHTA after many years of working within the local Borough Council covering Social Services, Housing and Policy Research based at Town Hall.

He next, wanted to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the Healthcare Industry works and thought where else better to learn about the back bones of the Industry than with one of the UK’s oldest Healthcare Trade Association the BHTA.

He is now a proud member of the team. Karim is very proud of his skills and knowledge and always stays up to date with the latest Technology whether its Gadgets, Computers, Software or the latest Mobiles, he prides himself in being able to multi task (a rare skill for man apparently?) and he does so with precision and skill to excel in any tasks, he is a great problem solver and always thinks outside the box – he has a favorite quote which he lives by “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new” said by Albert Einstein

Karim is our Business Development Manager and deals with bringing new members to the association,  building relationships UK and International and is always on hand to give advice to our members and public/consumers and you will most likely see him on our stand at the Exhibitions we partner with and attend, Karim also works closely on all our IT systems and infrastructure including our member database and website, working closely with our Marketing Manager, Steve Perry and our Operations Manager, Nadim Anwar

Karim has a wide range of hobbies in his free time and has a love for Travelling, Historical & Cultural Experiences, Music, Adrenaline Sports, Kickboxing, Comedy, Cooking and is huge Series/Movie buff.