Part IX Industry Drug Tariff Committee and Forum

The Part IX Industry Drug Tariff Committee was formed in the early 1990s to represent companies supplying medical devices through prescription to the public, as listed in Part IX of the Drug Tariff.

Its mission is to inform and represent the views of those companies via the Part IX Industry Drug Tariff Forum to the relevant UK authorities and influence its members to be in compliance with common agreements with those authorities. It recognises the critical role of part IX in the patient pathway and actively supports and promotes this process as the optimal solution to ensuring choice and equity of access to devices for patients, in line with the healthcare aspirations of the UK governments and the societies they serve.

The Committee is comprised of representatives of all the relevant Trade Associations. Currently these are:

ABHI (Association of British Healthcare Industry)

BIVDA (British In-Vitro Diagnostics Association)

BHTA (British Healthcare Trade Association)

SDMA (Surgical Dressings Manufacturers Association)

UTA (Urology Trade Association)

It takes its mandate from all relevant companies, whether they are members of the Trade Associations or not, via the Part IX Industry Drug Tariff Forum.

The mandate is shown below (more specific remits are gained at meetings of the whole Forum which are held from time to time):

  • To provide a common voice between industry, relevant government departments and the NHS involved in Part IX of the Drug Tariff (hereinafter referred to as DT) on issues that are industry wide.
  • To monitor and feedback the performance of the DT with regard to the application process and to work with the sponsoring body, in this case the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA), to ensure that this process is open and transparent.
  • To engage with the DT to ensure the price increase process is used by industry
  • Negotiate with the DT in agreeing appropriate levels and mechanisms for price rises based on factor X, as agreed with NHSBS
  • To provide industry with information concerning the DT that may affect their business.
  • To negotiate with the DT on specific issues raised by the Drug Tariff Forum

With regard to liaison with government, the Committee meets regularly with representatives from the Department of Health and the NHS Business Services Authority to discuss issues affecting the operation of the Drug Tariff, and to consult on and agree proposed changes to the guidance for manufacturers and suppliers which is issued by the NHS BSA Prescription Service.


  1. Copies of the Drug Tariff can be accessed at:

  1. The Drug Tariff Part IX Guidance to Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices and the form to use when applying for a medical device to be listed in the Drug Tariff can be found at:

  1. Detail regarding the Drug Tariff Part IX Price Increase Mechanism can be accessed via:

  1. The secretariat for the Part IX Industry Drug Tariff Committee and the Forum is currently provided by BHTA (email: or tel: 020 7702 2141) and rotates periodically between the trade associations.