MobiQuip and Van Os Medical have partnered up to donate a new wheelchair to young boy

It has been more than a month since the wheelchair that nine-year-old Brae Sewell relies on to get around was stolen.

The South Croydon boy has lived most of his life with ataxia-telangiectasia, a rare, life-shortening genetic disorder.

His mum Siobhan said the past few weeks had been “really hard.”

“We had a holiday booked, but I didn’t budget for having to hire out a wheelchair because we had our own,” she said.

“We couldn’t afford one so me and my sister had to take turns carrying Brae.

“It was all a bit of a nightmare.”

To make matters worse, they had another trip to a caravan park planned for the end of May, a trip Mrs Sewell said they may have had to cancel if Brae couldn’t get a new chair.

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But then she received a phone call that she would not soon forget.

Richard Tamblyn-Smith from mobility equipment company MobiQuip had seen the story of Brae in the Croydon Guardian and wanted to help.

“We wanted to get Brae moving again so we got together with Van Os Medical Suppliers to gift Brae the best chair they had.”

“Ultimately the family has been a victim of a crime and their needs go on and we wanted to help out any way we could.”

Together, the companies shared the cost to find the family the perfect replacement wheelchair, costing approximately £550 retail, and donated it to Brae for free.

The valuable support will allow the family to begin reliving their lives after plans, trips and holidays were put on hold following the robbery.

According to MobiQuip, the new chair is designed to grow with Brae and will be suitable for the five years.

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