Global Healthcare Trader (GHT)

Global Healthcare Trader – Doing business around the world just got easier

Global Healthcare Trader (GHT) is a brand new, cost-effective promotional vehicle for companies looking to find distributors around the world.

The simple search facility enables companies looking to import new products the ability to find businesses looking to export with just a couple of clicks.

Companies that become ‘Export Partners’ and are listed on GHT can select the countries that they are looking for a distributor to work with and choose up to 10 different product categories to be listed under.

Companies also have a profile page on the site which is very easy to manage and can be updated quickly whenever necessary.

Apart from the search facility, GHT will carry information from media and exhibitions from around the world too, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to develop global business.

How will GHT be promoted?

Databases have been developed over the past couple of years which contain over 5000 email addresses and nearly 4000 postal addresses of businesses that have been identified as being potential ‘importers’ of product in their own country. They are located in over 100 different countries.

Promotions will include both email and postal campaigns. The postal marketing will also include an opportunity for GHT ‘Export partners’ to have additional visibility with advertising. A social media campaign will also be launched. Relationships with organisations around the world (Media, Exhibitions and Associations etc.) will be developed that will also drive traffic to the GHT website.

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