Glasgow’s Mobility Solutions wins acclaimed TGA Dealer of the Quarter Award

Mobility Solutions, part of the Allied Vehicles Group, is a specialist Scottish provider of mobility products and has been awarded Dealer of the Quarter by its flagship scooter supplier, TGA.

Established in 2013, Mobility Solutions has built on the reputation of its sister company Allied Mobility – one of the UK’s largest providers of adapted and wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Mobility Solutions has two showrooms with the UK’s largest situated in Glasgow – providing over 8,000sqft of retail space. Its comprehensive range of mobility products are also available in Carluke with plans to shortly open two further stores in Scotland.

The business continues to expand due to its commitment to quality products and service underpinned by ‘a massive focus on positive values and culture’. This approach is proving successful for the business particularly with sales of TGA mobility scooters. With customer satisfaction at an all-time high, rated at 100% for the last quarter*, Mobility Solutions has been awarded the TGA Dealer Award.

On receipt of the award, Kieron Macfarlane, Retail Manager, comments: “We are delighted to win the TGA Dealer of the Quarter Award as it officially recognises our success and hard work. The team and I believe our continued momentum is the result of company ethics and a customer-centric approach. When you buy a mobility scooter from us you are not just buying a product, you are receiving a complete package of support from initial assessment through to dedicated aftercare.”

Kieron continues: “Our whole team takes pride in bending over backwards for customers wherever they live, even in remote islands around Scotland. Our free product loan service is vital when scooters are in for servicing or repairs – we understand the importance of maintaining freedom. We choose to supply TGA scooters as they are reliable and come with lengthy warranties – hence we offer no quibble guarantees to customers. When we first set the business up we had 12 scooter suppliers, now that’s down to four as we have cherry-picked the ones we trust – TGA is one of our flagship brands.”

A key factor that also drives the growth of Mobility Solutions is its customer feedback process and response. Dedicated personnel assess transactions by talking to customers about their experiences with a view to identifying possible areas for improvement. If enhancements can be made, they are efficiently and effectively implemented as Kieron continues to explain: “Our mission is to ensure the right product is supplied to the right person. Only by talking straight with customers can any business achieve true insight – before the sale and afterwards. We have a robust and structured procedure which is empathetic to customer requirements and focused on maximising peace of mind. Physically testing and comparing products is also essential which is why we offer such a comprehensive range of products to try in our welcoming retail spaces.”

In terms of specific TGA products, Mobility Solutions have gained success through the Minimo range. This is proving to be the ‘go-to’ folding car boot scooter for customers, particularly the Plus 4 model. According to Kieron it ‘ticks lots of boxes’ for customers who are seeking a flexible and compact solution that’s stable to drive. The Zest Plus is also generating strong customer satisfaction through its easy to lift split batteries, suspension and pneumatic tyres. Mobility Solutions are leveraging these rare design details to help an ever-growing number of customers with back issues. The Class 3 Breeze S4 is also generating healthy orders including models with the hard-top canopy and wider rear wheels known as the GT.

Finally, from a trade service perspective, Mobility Solutions benefit from dealing with TGA as they are supportive and listen to our needs. Kieron concludes: “They are open to suggestions which is important for a dealer – this approach reflects ours in many ways. Nevertheless, TGA product reliability is the main thing as it ensures our brand is trusted to deliver assured independence.”