CTSi Consumer Code Audit Update

Between 1 April and 30 June 2018 BHTA received 11 new complaints from consumers and 4 complaints remained “open” at the end of the quarter.  We closed 13 and the average time it took to reach resolution was 27 days.  The majority related to aspects of service and attempts to gain full refunds, with 4 consumers being informed that they did not have a case.

69 Code audits were conducted in the financial year to 30th June.  We introduced a new marking system part way through the year and we are pleased to report that so far 8 companies have achieved gold standard, 12 were awarded silver and 2 obtained bronze.  The audits are intended to provide members with help and advice on how to achieve best practice and anyone with silver or bronze who subsequently evidences they have addressed the points raised will receive an improved replacement certificate.  A reminder to everyone that you should make your customers aware that you are a BHTA member please (eg through use of logos, text, reference to us in your complaints procedure) and if you sell to consumers please do hand out the customer satisfaction forms we provide to you.

If you have not looked at your terms and conditions / delivery and returns policy recently, please do check that hard copies and web copies match and are up to date!  You can check the latest requirements for selling to consumers at www.businesscompanion.info which has useful guides relating to what you sell and where/how.

If you require any further assistance contact: info@bhta.com



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