BHTA Seating & Positioning Section Gain 2nd Place at PMG Pitch Your Poster

Congratulations for a great team effort entering the Posture and Mobility Group Poster campaign.

BHTA publishes a wide range of Get Wise leaflets and at this years Posture and Mobility Group Conference in Manchester, the Seating & Positioning section decided to emphasis and raise the profile of their work by entering this years conference poster campaign. Produced by Rebecca Dunstall -Clinical Specialist at CareFlex along with Kim Chaney, Joanne McConnell and the section.

The poster promoted the two latest Get Wise leaflet produced by the section Get wise to pressure ulcer prevention in sitting and Get wise to good seated posture 

The aim of the sections Get Wise leaflets are to provide simple and easy to understand information and tips for users and their carers. The Get wise to pressure ulcer prevention leaflet aims to provide basic tips on how to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers developing, and what to look out for. The Get wise to good seated posture provides tips on supporting good posture.

The section will be working on clinical versions of the Get wise leaflets which will be launched in the future.

A0 Conference Poster v4 AW

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