BHTA International Symposium a great success

(Ray Hodgkinson, Mandie Lavin, Dan Bader)

Thursday 25 October saw BHTA organise an International Symposium in Chiswick with speakers from all over the world presenting the latest thinking on support surfaces, their performance and effectiveness and the future. The conference embraced all disciplines for seating, support surfaces and diabetic ulcers.

The event was organised by Jane Weller masterminding the marketing for the BHTA section, supported by the years of expertise and knowledge of Ray Hodgkinson BHTA Director of Public Affairs. The event was a great success and a magical, marvelous conference. Mandie Lavin BHTA Director General (pictured above) said ” I would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in the event. The science and rigour of thought of international experts, in a developing field of knowledge, made me feel very humble. I briefly recalled some aspects of my O’ Level Physics! It was incredible to have such support for this important event and recognising that a robust evidence base and appropriate clinical trials have the potential to change patient outcomes and enhance lives”

This was another illustration of the BHTA and BSI doing such momentous work together in this sector.

BHTA Symposium 2018 final

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