BHTA Help For Families Paper

BHTA Collaborate with Newlife to help Parents understand their rights

The BHTA have been working with Newlife charity for over a year to look at how we can help the parents of disabled children get the information they need to help their child get essential equipment. Newlife, the Charity for Disabled Children, commissioned a report by Barristers, In the Matter of Provision for Disabled Children, interpreting what the law says about the rights of disabled children to  equipment, and who is responsible for the funding. The BHTA came up with the idea of producing an easy to read leaflet for families, to help them understand what legal rights their child has to funding for equipment which will help them live life more fully. The result of this project is the launch of  ‘Help for Families – Your Legal Rights in Getting Help for Your Disabled Child’, the leaflet was launched at a Newlife parliamentary event at the end of November. The event also highlighted the forthcoming launch of a new All Party Parliamentary Group for the provision of equipment for disabled children.

Although many people find the law confusing, it is there to help families. This leaflet tells them about their rights in plain English and will help them understand:

  • Which laws can help them
  • Who is legally responsible for providing what for their child
  • Who they can go to for help if their child is not receiving what they are legally entitled to.

Clare Dangerfield Policy Development Manager for Newlife said: “It is clear that disabled children are in crisis; often unable to get the equipment they desperately need. We hope that by working with national and local decision makers, alongside the BHTA, we can implement the four-point-plan to improve equipment services.”

Jill Morony who chairs the Children’s Equipment Section of the BHTA and who has been leading the work on the document said: “Families contact us on a regular basis who are confused about whether they are entitled to funding, and if so which agency is responsible for providing it. Some families are under the impression or have been told wrongly that a learning disability does not qualify as a disability eligible for equipment funding. The Newlife Barrister Report clarifies where the legal responsibility lies. We are delighted to be launching our easy read version, which we hope will be an invaluable resource for families”.

To find out more about Newlife:

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