BHTA Awards Evening – Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 Karen Finch – The Hearing Care Centre, Ipswich

Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 Karen Finch – The Hearing Care Centre, Ipswich

“This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award is a very worthy winner.

This year, we recognise someone

  • who began their business by mortgaging their home,
  • who developed it successfully over the last twenty years,
  • and who now employs more than twenty staff.

Karen Finch founded this company when she was a single mother, with two teenage boys.

Her success has been based upon strong commercial skills, as well as her own experience:

  • as a hear care practice receptionist,
  • as a practice manager,
  • and as now as managing director of her own company.

Her business operates out of 25 centres across Suffolk and Norfolk and has an annual turnover of over two million pounds.

Karen is totally dedicated to the high quality of her team and invests in the people that she works with, allowing them to develop their own careers, and helping all of them to make a success of the business.

To help serve many large rural areas, Karen pioneered the use of satellite clinics to make hearing care more accessible in remote places.

In her own community she works to promote hearing health, and she fund raises for many local and national charities including Hearing Dogs for the Deaf who can help transform the lives of deaf people.

Karen led a national campaign to raise the profile of hearing care. This drew attention to long NHS waiting lists, which were leaving people with hearing loss issues suffering for long periods of time. Her campaign led to a major change in policy, with the NHS subsequently allowing independent companies to provide NHS hearing care.

Karen is a dedicated member of the BHTA, and someone of whom we are all very proud. A worthy winner of the Lifetime Achievement award for 2018.”

– Lord Chris Rennard, Director of Communications.

Karen also received a lovely piece in the East Anglian Daily Times –




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