Genny 2.0 –

Manufacturer Genny Mobility SA - Lamone (CH)
Length (mm) 670 mm
Height (mm) 690 mm (minimum height with seatback folded and steering handle removed) or 920 mm (adjustable height with seatback and steering handle in operational position)
Width (mm) 630 mm
Weight in Kg 99.8 kg
Controller Type N/A
Lithium-ion Battery Watt-hour Rating (Wh) and Equivalent Lithium Content 383Wh each
IATA Battery Type Code WCLB
Freewheel Fitted Yes
Lifting Handles Fitted Yes, upper side handles
Means of Inhibiting Circuits Ask the customer to raise the stabilising legs (This makes it easier to move the unit around when unpowered). The customer then should power down the unit through using the power button on the Infokey. The customer should then remove the Infokey and take it with them into the cabin. The control lights will stay on and shutdown automatically after approx 5-10 mins
Airsafe Plug Compatible NO