Air Transport Advice – Manufacturers and Importers of Mobility Products

British Healthcare Trades Association have for several years worked closely with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) maintaining a mobility products database which requires constant update as more people with disabilities travel by air.

The information is used by the airport ground handling teams and airlines to ensure the correct stowage and handling prior to transportation in the planes hold. This helps minimise flight delays and ensures the product is made safe for carriage. The more information provided can make the journey through an airport easier for disabled passengers, their family and carers.

BHTA are asking mobility manufacturers and importers to update the database. If you contact Charlie Lawrence we can send you the excel spreadsheet with the information fields we require. Email:

Please have a look at the existing link on the BHTA website to see if your products listed and are up to date. It is important to maintain historical product records and any new products you may have launched recently.

Make sure your companies details are up to date.

The future of the airline industry for mobility is growing. Make sure your product information is available:-

“The global disability market comprises an estimated 1.27 billion consumers, almost matching the size of the market in China and equating to nearly 1 in 5 people worldwide. Factor in friends and family close enough to have an emotional attachment to the consumer-related needs of persons with disabilities, and you have a further 2.3 billion consumers.”


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